Useful Bamboo Resource Guide

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” This bamboo resource guide lists information we have personally found and used. Realizing how much we did not know about bamboo’s magic. Includes bamboo websites we have found extremely helpful, books we own that help us better understand and identify bamboo, and a local zone 9 guide to bamboo resources, focused on the central valley (Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Visalia, Tulare, Bakersfield, etc) or within a three hour bamboo shrines road trip from Fresno.

San Diego Zoo Bamboo: Fun general information, and learn all about bamboo from cute animals at the San Diego zoo.

Zone 9 specific bamboo tidbit: under “Cultivation” its noted that “Most bamboo varieties do best with at least five hours or more of direct sunlight daily.” Sunset magazine descriptor of zone 9: “sunshine is almost constant during the growing season, and growing seasons are long.” Rejoice as heat tolerant bamboos thrive here!

bamboo sourcery CA

Bamboo Sourcery: a great name and even better site, full of great bamboo information. Bay Area focus.

Bamboo in hot climate specific: Under “choosing your bamboo” it’s noted: Some bamboos suffer from summer heat rather than cold, and do not tolerate hot summer nights (over 70 F.) or daytime temperatures that regularly reach 100 degrees F and above. For example, most Fargesias, and some Chusqueas do not do well in these conditions, mountain bamboos which are evolved for cold, not heat.


Guadua Bamboo: their tagline is “experts in the worlds strongest bamboo,” how cool is that!. Based in Colombia, the Guadua site is LOADED with great bamboo intel.

Heat Tolerance of bamboo note:
“…show the incredible capacity of the species, although being a tropical species, it adapts and can withstand temperatures far beyond their optimum range.

Bambu Batu: a great page dedicated specifically to drought tolerant bamboo for dry climates.

Titled “Drought-tolerant bamboo for dry climates”:Bambusa oldhamii is a fantastic species in California where it’s warm and dry – Bamboo needs an ample supply of water to get started, but once the rhizome root system gets established, bamboo can survive with limited irrigation. Some varieties require more water than others, but there are certain species of bamboo that are quite drought-tolerant. It’s an extraordinarily resilient plant, after all, with nearly 2,000 species and cultivars that can grow in a vast range of conditions..”

Hakone Gardens: an amazing bamboo garden to visit in Saratoga, CA.
Tended by the Bamboo Society, featuring specimens donated from California, Japan and around the world!

Sago Rey Nursery: located in Fresno, CA. Sago Rey has every palm tree imaginable, and has a nice collection of bamboo already adapted to zone 9 for sale at great prices. Also stunning “ponytail palms” that pair incredibly well with bamboo in a zone 9 landscape.

Foothill College Bamboo Garden: located in Los Altos Hills, CA Foothill college has a pretty amazing (and free) self guided bamboo garden to tour. Vivax and Oldhamii appear to also thrive here.

Shinzen Friendship Garden: Shinzen is a beautiful Japanese styled garden located in Fresno, CA (USDA: zone 9). If you need inspiration to see the potential tranquility and relaxation of your own zone9 garden, Shinzen may provide it.

Bamboo for Gardens: book written by Ted Jordan Meredith, this has been a sort of “bamboo bible” for us. Bamboo for gardens appears to be universally respected by bamboo nurseries and afficionados alike. You will understand bamboo by reading this book.