About Zone 9 Bamboo

“to share knowledge about growing bamboo in hot dry summer climates.”

We are a small tribe of farmers, ranchers, and bamboo afficionados sharing knowledge on how to grow bamboo that thrives in our magnificent zone 9 Mediterranean climate. After much research into bamboo’s usefulness in hot weather, we found lots of WONDERFUL websites (and smart people!) sharing bamboo knowledge – but found little specifically about growing bamboo in hot summer climates like zone 9. Thus this site as a hyper nerdy, hyper targeted bamboo in hot weather specific knowledge resource hub. We would be pleased if you considered this website a single tool amongst a full quiver of bamboo knowledge, for a currently warming planet. Bamboo has completely changed many of our negative thoughts about summers in zone 9: providing sanctuary from brutal sun; shading and cooling our animals, our buildings, and our lives. Beautifully.

Zone 9’s Bamboo Dream
Zone 9 bamboo hopes to humbly add knowledge (and confidence) to an aspiring bamboo grower in a hot climate. Sharing here, everything we know and learn about this magical grass. Specifically how growing bamboo in our hot and dry summers, gentle falls and springs, and our exceptionally pleasant and mild winters, might benefit you & our planet.

We’re also growing bamboo on the California coast, and starting a new test bamboo plot in the Nevada desert. Generally speaking we are home to hot summers and mild winters (not including Nevada winters which can be harsh) that bamboo’s such as Vivax and Oldhamii magically thrive upon. Though bamboo growing guidelines in nearby zone 6, zone 7, and zone 8 are quite similar; we aim to share the often important distinctions of growing bamboo in hot dry summers.

“One humble lesson learned, don’t be afraid of bamboo because it thrives. It’s part of the magic!

Promoting Bamboo for our environment
Consider this paragraph when considering what to plant in your yard: “Bamboo plants absorb enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, and because of its rapid growth, bamboo is very useful as a tool for carbon sequestration. When a single bamboo seedling is planted it will convert into a clump. In the case of giant tropical bamboo, one newly planted bamboo plant can sequester 2 tons of carbon dioxide in just 7 years. In comparison, a typical hardwood tree will sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide in 40 years. When compared to pine, bamboo can absorb up to 5 times more Co2.” Bamboo is an oxygen creating super-plant, typically boosting oxygen levels 35% greater than a comparable tree. *

Citations and sources of bamboos inherent environmental properties links…

<National Institute of Health.gov: Bamboo Applications >
<One Tree Planted: 8 amazing Bamboo facts>

** reader beware: you may go down the “bamboo rabbit hole” for a few hours at the guadua bamboo website linked above and in the “10 reasons” article linked below. They grow bamboo in Colombia, and share a tremendous amount of solid bamboo information on their site. Start at their homepage, it is visually stunning and chock full of gems such as….

“10 reasons why bamboo is the worlds most amazing plant”

Or this: “If 10 million hectares of bamboo would be planted on degraded land throughout the world, then it is estimated that bamboo plants and their products could save more than 7 gigatons of carbon dioxide in 30 years. That is more than what 300 million electric cars could save in the same period of time.” Wow!

We humbly ask that you simply consider bamboo the next time you plant. We do not sell bamboo, we just want to make the case for bamboo as a beautiful and sound tool for your environment. Or to borrow a more eloquent modification…

we do not propose to write an ode to hot and dry climate dejection, but to brag as lustily as chanticleer in the morning, standing on his roost, if only to wake our neighbors up to the beauty and benefits of bamboo.”

Regardless of your views on the climate, one fact is certain. Climate change can start right at your feet, and in your own backyard. We are true believers in bamboo’s ability to provide beautiful, environmentally sound shading and cooling to a changing planet. Though our “expertise” is in utilizing bamboo in hot climates, it’s environmental street cred applies to any climate or region. Bamboo can change the world!